Amy Gaffney & Regina Hollins Lewis have mediated hundreds of cases and claims throughout South Carolina


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Amy Gaffney, Esq.

Regina Hollins Lewis, Esq.

Fee Schedule

Rates & Cancelation Policy

Hourly Billing Rates

$200/hour/party for 2 parties
$175/hour/party for 3 parties
$150/hour/party for 4 or more parties

NOTE: A “party” is defined as all parties represented by the same counsel.


Cancelation Policy

If the mediation is cancelled or rescheduled less than 72 hours (Monday-Friday) prior to the scheduled session, each party will be billed for their portion of the minimum fee. Please keep in mind this cancellation policy is meant to fairly compensate the mediator for reserving the time scheduled for this mediation which typically cannot be filled in less than 72 hours.

Billing Matters

For a “half day” mediation (i.e., a mediation which is scheduled for 4 hours or less) the minimum fee is three (3) hours. For a “full day” mediation (i.e., a mediation that is scheduled for six hours or more) the minimum fee is six (6) hours.

All fees are calculated using the per hour rates above, and all invoices are due upon receipt. Following the conclusion of the mediation, each party will be billed for their portion of the fee, unless the parties agree otherwise. Payments should be made in accordance with the payment instructions on the invoice.

Please note, we accept and schedule matters based on our business and professional relationship with counsel, but we consider engagements as being with counsel and their clients, jointly and severally. Accordingly, counsel for each party is financially responsible for ensuring timely payment of all mediation fees. In the event prompt payment is not received, we reserve the right to take appropriate actions to collect payment including filing motions with the presiding court. Furthermore, by scheduling matters, counsel and their clients agree that we shall be entitled to collect all our costs, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, if we must take action to collect the mediation fees.


Case Management

SAmple Engagement Agreement 

Download our sample engagement agreement for mediation. For further inquiries or more on Gaffney Lewis’s services in general, please do not hesitate to email our case manager, Tammie Bellerose, or call the office directly at 803.266.1519.

It is in their best interest that counsel and their clients become familiar with the state of South Carolina’s ADR Rules, which governs the processes of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in the courts.

Also download the Gaffney Lewis ADR  Mediation Guidelines for additional help to better manage expectations for the commencing mediation process.


Gaffney Lewis ADR conducts mediations either in-person or via video conference using the Zoom app. Please download these Zoom instructions for helpful information.

If new to Zoom, please be sure to download the app, create an account and login to become familiar with the platform. Zoom has many helpful resources if needed.

About Us

Gaffney Lewis ADR Requested By Both Sides

Combined years practicing dispute resolution

A Women-Owned,
Ethnically Diverse

Mediation Firm in South Carolina

Drawing on their accomplished experience of almost four decades in both the boardroom as distinguished neutrals and the courtroom as litigators, Amy and Regina are exceptionally skilled in crafting a custom approach to resolve each of their clients’ disputes favorably.


Practice Areas

Case Experience

Sexual Orientation Discrimination
Equal Pay
Loss of Consortium
Personal Injury
Premises Liability
Civil Rights Violations

Title VII Discrimination
Wrongful Termination
Breach of Contract

What People Are Saying

Five Stars

Regina Lewis has served as the mediator in several of my cases. I am impressed with her willingness to hear both sides and give insightful feedback on the differences between the case viewpoints. Regina is dedicated to resolving tough mediations even when we have reached an impasse on the day of mediation. With Regina’s assistance, we were able to resolve a particularly challenging mediation weeks after the actual mediation took place. I strongly recommend her mediation services.

– Shannon Polvi –

Amy was a wonderful mediator in a difficult case. She made my client feel at ease and was able to open a productive dialogue about strengths and weaknesses of our case that ultimately helped us reach a resolution.

– Molly Hamilton Cawley –

Both Regina Lewis and Amy Gaffney are consummate professionals and knowledgeable attorneys. I have had the pleasure of having Regina Lewis serve as mediator in several cases over the years. Regina is an excellent mediator who has helped both sides reach an amicable resolution even when it seemed impossible.

– Individual Client –